Why You Should Shred Those Confidential Business Documents

Why You Should Shred Those Confidential Business Documents



Because of the impacts of identity and other forms of theft, many authorities are asking individuals to shred important documents. Medical documents are considered important and can contain confidential information, and therefore should be shredded when trashed.

It might be easy to use a pair of scissors and shred such documents up by hand, one strip at a time. Such a technique can be costly, therefore it is advisable to look into the purchase of a shredder. A shredder can save an individual much time, and having such a companion around can also help protect you and your family from possible thieves with malicious intent on their minds.

Types of Shredders

Shredders come in many different shapes and sizes. Shredders come with many different attributes. There are shredders designed exclusively for home and business. A shredder exists for almost every instance that can be thought of, so it can seem like a nightmare while shopping for the right one that will bring the most benefits.

Heavy Duty Shredder

A heavy duty shredder may be best suited for a home office, but a less costly one could be beneficial for those who only want to Shredthepaper at opportunistic times. More powerful shredders can come in handy, however, for they have what it takes to munch up a relatively thick credit card into unreadable strips.

Despite an overwhelming number of shredder brands and attributes, most of them rely on just two prominent cuts. One series of shredders is designed primarily for cutting long strips, while the other series is designed for cutting cross-cuts. The most common might be the long strip shredders, while the “confetti” shredders may be growing in popularity.

Confetti Shredders

Confetti shredders produce something that could be akin to paper mulch; that is, they produce a result that is extremely difficult for thieves to put back together. Since many people often opt for the more portable shredders, they nonetheless often are purchasing strip shredders.

And this makes the strip shredders far more popular. If you are a bit paranoid and are looking for a machine that will grind and pulverize your paper and credit cards into dust, then the far more expensive commercial shredders are for you.

These are the big, bad boys of the shredder family, and they pack a punch and hold their ground in ways that would have to been to be believed. They’ll turn an entire stack of printer paper into dust with great velocity and veracity, and they are not bound to leave any page of paper with an inch of readable information.

They are often used by organizations who want to take all precautions that no information is going to find its way into the wrong hands. For the person who has a home office and with only a minimal amount of money, then the confetti shredders or their cousins, the micro shredders, are the answer.

Strip Shredders

Strip shredders are okay, but they produce paper cuts that are the least secure. Confetti shredders leave very few inches of paper untouched, and these things can cause a discarded credit card a lot of trouble. And when you cause a discarded credit card a lot of trouble, then that means trouble for the thieves who come snooping around.

Benefits of Paper Shredders

Protecting Highly Sensitive Information – For Both Your Office and Clients

By far the most important and practical way a paper shredder comes in handy is by enhancing security and protecting confidential information. Simply tossing a document in the trash is a great way to expose things about your company that will be valuable info for your competitors and others who may make malicious use of it. The best paper shredders will make a document pretty much unrecognizable after shredding – and some more powerful models can even shred credit cards, ID cards, and optical data discs like CDs and DVDs.

Protecting sensitive data isn’t just something that benefits you and your company – it can also be a legal obligation in many cases. Depending on the nature of your company’s work, it can be absolutely necessary to protect client information from prying eyes. Even in cases where it isn’t against the law, it can be a prudent move to shred any information that may have repercussions for clients if it got out.

The costs of important information leaking and getting into the wrong hands can be quite severe – all the more reason to buy a paper shredder for your office.

Having a dedicated office shredder is a smart move that will reduce costs through efficient waste management and, as noted above, prevent problems caused by costly information leaks.

Today’s world relies more on digital data than ever before – but as there are many ways we rely on paper documents to do business, their proper disposal is still vital for most companies. Whether it’s to prevent sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands, or just to reduce costs and create a more effective and organized work environment, paper shredders can be valuable assets to office life.


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