Why Do Kids Love The Thomas Train Set

Why Do Kids Love The Thomas Train Set

For over 70 years, Thomas the Train has captured the attention spans of our little one’s. Thomas, the train, is really rather a straightforward and uninteresting figure. But according to an article in the Guardian, that’s exactly what lures children in and fascinates them.

That’s right, but there’s more to it, of course. With trains, kids love the adventure, and the possible innumerable storylines that go with it. The Guardian cited a research report stating that autistic children love bold colors, clear facial expressions, numbers, emotions, and words that all come with the Thomas and friends narrative.

With regards to the train set, it’s pretty easy to understand why your child would find it so interesting. Let’s take a look at a particular train set and explore the tracks in what makes it so unique.

Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Trackmaster Daring Derail Set

As you can see by the title, there’s an added sense of adventure. This train set is recommended for children 3-7 years of age, and promotes plenty of storyline twists and choices.

First, included with it is a motorized Thomas, a cargo car and crate full of TNT, in which, when it falls out of the crate, creates an explosion, shaking and rattling the track causing Thomas to momentarily derail. This is when your child comes in, and it is their imagination that gets Thomas and his friends back on “track.’

With adjustable railway signs, a bridge, a slope and complete train track set, this colorful action packed adventure is sure to capture your child’s imagination.

What It Promotes

While this is only one particular train set, there are plenty available and more are geared for beginners, and others that allow your child to collect pieces and trains as they go.

Universally speaking, with these train sets, what they do for your child is more than just play time. It helps develop:

    • Hand/eye coordination

    • Improve motor skills.

    • Enhances creativity.

    • Elevates story telling abilities.

The Final Words

Each track is different, but they all do one thing well. They allow your child to run their imagination. Whether the situation is a derailing train set, or a straight away where Thomas needs to deliver the goods in his cargo crate.

This is why your kids love Thomas the Train sets, and that’s because they control the operation, the story, the narrative.

Train tracks are exciting, thanks to their curves, fast straight aways, slopes and near crashes and potential crisis situations.

Finally, as the Guardian indicated, most of these thomas train set provide the same expression. Scientifically, children are drawn more to expressions that don’t change, and varying colors, such as the Daring Derail Set.

If you were looking for a reason as to why your child is spending a lot of time with that Thomas train set, now you know why, because each set offers a heightened sense of thrilling situations, that put your child in the conductor seat of adventure.

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