What Makes The Silicon Power External Hard Drive Popular

What Makes The Silicon Power External Hard Drive Popular

In this modern times, the industry of storage space has been faced with lots of unrealistic solutions for storage space, this ranges from the small flash disk to those large RAID towers. These gadgets are meant to meet different needs of their end users some are for fast speed, large storage capacity, and durability.

In this article, we will discuss why the silicon power external hard drive is more popular than its competitors use a case study of silicon power armor A30.

The Silicon Power Armor A30 is silicon power brand its model number is Armor A30 with a capacity of 1TB, it uses a connectivity of USB 3.0 as its interface going for at a price of $119.99 at Amazon with a 4.6-star rank.


With silicon power external drives, they are built to show durability as they offer a very fair storage capacity of 1TB.For instance, the Silicon Power Armor A30 is very much portable with an additional durability feature of a rubber which covers the entire internal drive


As opposed to most external drives that are already formatted by default for specific operating systems, Silicon power drives are easily formatted to suit whatever operating system you using a good example is the Armor A30 that has an extension relating to current Mac OSX10.5+ as well as operating systems related to windows.

Read and write speed

If you are another blogger trying to get your audio and video projects done in time, look no further. The silicon power drives are always neck to neck with Corsair Voyager air, according to tweak town chart reviews Silicon power drives were found to be 75 percent ahead of WD passport and tailing ADATA HV620 when it came to performance verse price countdown. The write speed is very impressive, the A30 is 120MB/S fast in reading within the drive. The writing speed is around 120MB/s a quality that makes it topmost hard drives speed charts.


For those with a desperate need for large amounts of storage, Silicon power external drives are popular for such solutions. There are varying types of silicon power external hard drives ranging from as low as 500GB to 4TB depending on your needs. A test was made to determine their vulnerability to failure from minor accidents such as falling and any related unfortunate occurrence, the drive was dropped from a desk, knocked over and to anyone’s amazement, it worked perfectly as opposed to the other brands.


Most of the silicon power hard drives are worth their prices at times even cost less than what their offer not forgetting the three-year limit warrant they come with, for instance, the silicon power armor A30 is $119.99 which is fair when compared to the other offers in the market.


Its developers really consider their end users when developing this product. Once you make a purchase of this Drives you are equipped with a user manual to help you in every step which makes it more popular.

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