The World’s Largest Fitness Franchise

The World’s Largest Fitness Franchise

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Having been officially incorporated as a company in 2002, Anytime Fitness Centre has experienced a very rapid growth to become a renowned fitness franchise. Today, it is better known as the world’s largest fitness franchise operating on a 24-hour basis, and the first of its kind. This article seeks to narrate all about anytime fitness franchises including why you should open an Anytime Fitness franchise for you..

The franchise was founded by Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon. The two co-founders were inspired by the desire to create a convenient health club, where people would have access to quality exercise facilities in a friendly atmosphere and at affordable rates.

With its headquarters in Minnesota, the fitness franchise has more than 1000 clubs spread across many states in The U.S and across the world. The franchise serves over half a million clients who have the privilege of using any of the individual clubs at affordable rates.

Facts about Anytime Fitness Franchise

It is a fitness franchise with over 1000 individual clubs that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The clubs are spread all over the world with global membership reciprocity.

It has more than one million members worldwide.

A new club is opened under the franchise every day of the week.

Most clubs measure approximately between 2500-5000 square feet and a sizeable market population less than 5000 people. Each franchisee has an exclusive business territory with at least four clubs.

Most anytime franchisees are capable of thriving even in areas with low population, mostly avoided by larger clubs.

Each franchisee generates its own revenue from sales. A one-time enrollment fee is charged upon registration and a monthly payment.

Notable features of Anytime Fitness Franchise

Security Systems

The security systems in Anytime Franchising clubs incorporate panic buttons, detectors, CCTV surveillance cameras, phones, and security alarms. With ultramodern equipment and properly lit clubs, members enjoy a sense of safety at all times.

Technology Trends

The use of advanced technology and latest software makes the franchisees different from other clubs. Special software is used to scrutinize members upon entry. Billing and payment is also processed electronically.

Low Cost of Labour

The cost of hiring labour is kept to a possible minimum in most franchises.

Rapid Growth

The anytime fitness franchise has been listed among the fastest growing franchises in the world and the U.S.

Less Maintenance Costs

Most environmental health hazards such as pollution and maintenance issues are kept to a minimum. Priority is given to clients and the much-sought services they may need.

The Model of the Physical Fitness

The convenience of accessing fitness facilities anywhere and anytime is given much importance. The clubs are open throughout the week and throughout the day. The membership reciprocity policy also enables members to access the facilities worldwide as long as they are registered members in any one club.

Clubs Have a Neighborhood Style

Most clubs are located in the neighborhoods that are avoided by most big clubs. Members also work and live not more than three miles away from the nearest anytime fitness club.

The Cost of Setting up A Franchise

The startup cost ranges between $30, 000 to slightly about $300,000, but all about anytime fitness franchises depends on whether to build a new one or refurbishing an already existing club, leasing or purchasing of new equipment.

The monthly royalty payment is about $500.

Anytime fitness does not offer direct or indirect financial assistance for starting a business under the franchise. Financial support can be obtained from third party lenders by the business.

Training and Support Services

Before venturing into the business, the franchisee must undergo a whole week of training and induction at the franchise headquarters. After the initial training, other support services can be passed on via email, phone, publications, and frequent visits to the franchisee.

Terms of Agreement

Other than the state of California, franchisees have an initial term of operation for 6 years. An additional five year term renewal can be obtained if the franchisee has a good standing with the anytime fitness franchise.

Anytime fitness franchise incorporates a fitness centre with an overall minimum operation cost. With a heightened security system, a 24 hour operation system, an automated tanning service, and worldwide reciprocity membership, quality services are guaranteed to the members.

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