Properly Thawing Frozen Baby Foods

Properly Thawing Frozen Baby Foods

Preparing food for your baby is not that hard if you have a multi-function baby food maker in your home. This device is a time saver as well as a cost-effective appliance that can help you make the healthiest food for your baby. There are varieties of foods that you can make and they are endless compared to the pureed and bottle fruits and vegetables that are available on the market. When you buy fruits and vegetables that are on sale it is wise to stock up and make baby meals in advance since this is a thrifty way in making sure that food is always available for your baby not to mention the money that you will be saving. In making baby foods to store, it must be put in the freezer. You can use ice cube trays that are BPA free. You can put plastic over the trays and stack them and then when they are already frozen and then put them inside the heavy duty Ziploc bags. You can definitely save a considerable amount of money in doing this. The use of ice cube trays as compartments for baby foods that are processed by a baby food maker is a good idea since the portions are just right for a meal and there are minimal wastages. Once you take out a meal out of the freezer bag, it needs to be defrosted. The following are the different safe ways to do this:

Most parents and people put frozen foods into the microwave to be defrosted and this is fine for adults, but for baby food, this might not be the best way to go since microwave ovens are notorious for causing uneven heating or hot spots in foods so there is a need to stir your babies food more often to get consistent heating throughout the meal. Remember to let the food cool to room temperature so not to burn your child’s mouth. If you choose to use the microwave remember to use a microwave safe container that is BPA free as well. Use a lid to trap moisture that gets stirred into the meal. If you have an older oven that does not have a rotating tray then make sure to rotate the meal yourself and then make sure you taste the food to make sure it is at the proper feeding temperature.

The best that you can defrost your baby’s meals is in the refrigerator. Just take the meals you will need for the next day out of the freezer and put them in the fridge. Make sure the meals are in a covered BPA-free storage container. You do this to prevent bacterial contamination from other foods in your refrigerator. You can also thaw your baby’s meals in warm water. This is easy to do. Just get one large container and fill it with hot water and then place the smaller container with the baby food in the larger container. One cube will thaw out in no longer than 15-20 minutes.

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