How to Pick an Ideal Cologne Fragrance

How to Pick an Ideal Cologne Fragrance

There’s no question about the obvious advantages of looking good. Although a lot of people these days claim that inner beauty is a lot more important than looks, the numerous social experiments that prove this otherwise is too compelling. One thing to keep in mind though, is that looking good does not always technically improving only one’s appearance. Visual appeal is just one of the many aspects of self-improvement.


Improving one’s scent should also be taken into consideration. Just imagine how much better a date would go if a man wore his signature fragrance. Not that there’s something wrong with sporting one’s natural smell, but there are some problems that may not have been apparent that would cause issues later on. And one of these issues is if the man has a naturally strong odor once he gets sweaty. Taking note of just how sweaty (and smelly) one can get is an important consideration when choosing a cologne.


For men who still haven’t settled or picked a fragrance that suits them best, it might be a frustrating experience to go through the entire process. But something with a worthwhile goal in mind shouldn’t be anything frustrating, but a motivated effort for self-improvement.


As mentioned earlier, it’s important for a man to know just how much they are sweating compared to others and if they smell too musky at that point. With this in mind, it can be easier to choose a cologne, at least to some degree. Men who don’t particularly sweat a lot can pick a cologne that has a long heart note, or the smell of the cologne that’s considered as somewhere in the middle in terms of strength of scent. Men who sweat a lot could go for colognes that fade away early into their base notes. Base note is the most subtle stage of scent of a cologne, and this is where sweat is likely to have already mingled with the original smell.


The caveat of this is that men who sweat a lot have to be extremely careful with their fragrance of choice, not in terms of the scent’s lingering power but the scent itself. The reason for this is because they have to find a cologne that will be able to produce the best scent when combined with their pheromones.


On the other hand, you need to know that it’s not wise to depend too much on a cologne’s initial smell, otherwise referred to as the head/top note. It fades away fast, and constant reapplication will only make the smell so strong that other people will find it offensive.


TheClassicMen is a great site for men who are interested to know more tips about choosing and application of cologne. Sites like these are also great sources of reviews. Reading them is a good way to avoid brands that aren’t worth testing. Especially since testing takes a lot of time and patience. One can’t test so many fragrances at one time because the scents will have already mingled.

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