How To Choose The Right Travel Wifi Router For Your Trip

How To Choose The Right Travel Wifi Router For Your Trip

Are planning on hitting the road maybe for a safari? And are your gadgets tagging along? Am talking about your IPod and your phone or maybe your laptop, well Its most obvious that you don’t want to be left behind when others are catching up on Facebook and tweeter. In this case a travel router may be a good idea. You are always able to access and even share the internet with a good router. So how do you get to choose the right router that best fits your interest? Are you looking for a small size router that can fit well with your other belongings or even one that can charge your phone? Well, it all depends with your preference.

Here are 5 tips on how to choose the right travel wifi router for your trip that are worth knowing before you embark on your journey to buy one.

1. Size

One of the key factors to consider is the size of your router. It would be quite inconvenient to have a router that will be quite a baggage when you are going for your trip. If you love traveling then good advice would be a small sized router that can fit in your pocket easily. The smaller a router is the lighter it is to move around with.

2. Battery life

If your router is able to store power for long hours then it’s the best for the trip, otherwise what sense would it make to carry a router that will serve for an hour and go off. A travel Wi-Fi router that is able to store power for an average of 6 hours would be a good choice indeed. Although some routers will store huge amounts of charge for longer periods, it’s all dependent on how long you are going to be using the internet.

3. Speed capabilities

How fast your router operates in terms of speed matters a lot. Travel routers will differ when it comes to speed. If you need fast internet then a 3G/4G Wi-Fi router would do best on your trip. Fast internet connectivity will always offer you first class service throughout your trip. Don’t you think fast internet would be appropriate during emergencies; well the simple answer here is a yes of course.

4. Optional Ethernet ports

Does your router have USB port that can charge your phone or either an optional Ethernet port from which you can connect your laptop? Such ports can be very important especially if you are the kind that uses your gadgets a lot. Charging your phone every now and then can be of great help especially if you have a router that has the capability.

5. Extra functionality

Can your Wi-Fi router be able to accommodate a micro SD or even allow connectivity via Bluetooth? Such functionalities can help you reduce your load when travelling. You can opt to leave your IPod and instead carry your memory card. Other routers will give you the option to adjust the network speed whilst some will even receive message notifications.

Choosing a powerful travel Wi-Fi router can pose to be a big challenge especially if you are not sure of the specifications; therefore it’s always important to consider several factors before you buy one. Here are 5 best tips on how to choose the right travel Wi-Fi router for your trip that will definitely make your dreams true.

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