From Traditional to Modern Guitar Devices: Knowing the Different Categories of Guitar Tuners

From Traditional to Modern Guitar Devices: Knowing the Different Categories of Guitar Tuners

Guitar tuners come in various types. In total, there are eight categories of guitar tuners. Understanding each one of them is important for musicians who use string instruments in their performance. Now, as a guide for beginners and professional artists here is a summary of the leading types of guitar tuners commonly used by musicians.

Handheld Tuners

Although it is not the parent of the modern guitar tuners you know nowadays, the Handheld guitar tuners are the closest thing you have to the ancestors of these devices. Unlike the first guitar tuner that is massive in size and inappropriate to bring in your gigs, this device is much smaller, cheaper and offers more convenient. The Handheld Tuners is compatible with electric and acoustic guitars. This type of tuner is extremely affordable than any other type. However, even if handheld tuners can get the right pitch and tuning of guitars, it is not exactly that accurate.

Pedal Tuners

When you attend a rock concert or when you see a rock artist performing onstage on a bar, you can see him or her pressing something on the floor. What the performer presses are a device known as pedal tuners. Instead of plugging into another channel, pedal tuners works without doing so. Thus, even you are up on stage already banging your head in your performance, you can still get to tune your guitar with this instrument.

Clip-On Tuners

Tuning a guitar in a loud environment is problematic. It is difficult to get the right tune since you could not clearly hear the sound of each string you pluck.

Clip-On tuners were invented to give a solution to musicians who are experiencing problems in tuning their instrument because of the kind of environment they work in. This device works by clipping it on the guitar’s headstock to measure to pitch the help of a contact microphone. The microphone of the device senses the vibrations produced from the wood of the guitar. The vibrations it receives is later on translated into data displayed on the screen.

App Tuners

Today, you can do anything with a smartphone in your hand. For musicians, one of the advantages of having a smartphone is the convenience it offers in tuning your guitar. If you can shop and pay bills with this device, so why not guitar tuning.

There are tons of tuning applications searchable on the net. You can get free apps or purchase one on the web. The difference of using free app tuners is the limited function it offers, whereas when you purchase an app tuner online, you can enjoy its function without limits. The only problem of using app tunes is the ability of the device to get the correct tune of your instrument. Since, the microphone on this gadget is commonly used for speech, using it as a tuner can create some problem particularly on the accuracy of the device.

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