Best SalesForce Apps

Best SalesForce Apps

What is salesforce?


No business today can boast to thrive without the help of marketing. The role marketing plays in ensuring businesses achieve their targets cannot be overemphasized. Today, doing business is different thanks to the internet. The internet has helped many businesses that would otherwise have remained unknown to become overnight successes. This has been mostly thanks to the use of the right sales application. A company like salesforce, that is in the business of producing applications that are good for sales people, has managed to come up with applications that serve different marketing needs. Among the best salesforce apps today is the CRMFusion software.

What is dupeblocker software?

There are many businesses that use salesforce . It is a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) interface. Salesforce, through one of its sister websites, provides the dupeblocker software. This software that is integrated into the main salesforce platform allows users to detect duplicate data on a real time basis.

How does it work?

The dupeblocker comes with inbuilt scenarios for detecting duplication of data. However, the system also allows users to define their own scenarios. The salesforce administrator for a particular account will define different scenarios that will intimate that there is duplicate data in the system. The administrator can also set what happens if the system detects duplicate data. For example they can configure the system to send a notification message to the administrator any time there is duplicate data. They can also configure the system to block all duplicate data as defined by the administrator.

Should your company invest in this product?

Generally, any business that hopes to make profit will benefit from using salesforce and crm dupeblocker software. Whether it is for running campaigns or for selling normally, it is a great tool to help give the marketing and sales department and idea of how well or not a campaign or product is doing. When such a data is available in real time, it helps a company to be able to strategize at every point. It is also a great way to get leverage over competition. The fact that duplicate data is kept out of the system helps ensure that analysis done using data from the system is reflective of what is actually going on in the business.

What to do before investing in such a product

Most organizations will need to go through the business case for such and investment before making a final investment decision. When it comes to deciding whether dupeblocker is what a company needs, the financial implications will be at the forefront. It is important to consider the lifetime cost of the product and not the initial purchase amount.

Salesforce Software is the go to app when you need to keep duplicate data out of your data space. When it comes to crm products, salesforce has some of the best. Apart from dupeblocker, some other best salesforce apps include: Inside view which is an app that is focused on delivering the right message to the target audience; demand tools that reinforces salesforce already great functionality; market analytics a tool developed to help marketing campaigns; cirrus insight that merges salesforce with the most important webmails; and geopoint which allows the business locate the geographic location of their customers.


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